Drum map frustrations

Hey folks,

I’ve recently started to delve deeper into using the drum editor and drum maps and am experiencing a weeeeee bit of frustration.

It seems to me that with a drum map, you either have the choice of displaying only the notes that contain events.

Or, displaying all notes in the drum map, which seems like 150+ notes.

But what i really want is to always only see 16 notes, from C2 to D#3 (for example) in my drum map, regardless of whether they contain midi notes or not. For the sake of visual clarity.

That doesn’t seem possible.

And maybe later in the production i’ve used up all my 16 notes and need to add a 17th drum sound? Then i want to increase the drum map to 17 notes.

Any ideas? … like i said, i’ll probably just being an idiot … Thanks!

Make your own drum maps, those .drm files are just txt files easily edited.

Many thanks for the tip!

It’s a bit mad that you need to enter a text editor to achieve this, but what the hey, get’s the job done.

Any idea what the “display note” field does, can’t find anything about that in the manual and seems to have no effect when i change it?

Also seems the “pitch” field is not editable, but i guess i can live with that.