Drum Map Issues

There are some things wrong with the Drum Map Setup procedures that need to be fixed:

  1. When saving a drum map in Drum Map Setup it asks for a name for the new drum map and the .drm file Is saved under the entered name, but when selecting a drum map in the Track Inspector the name given to the file is not shown. For example. I originally created a map using the ‘Create Drum Map from Instrument’ option and it was automatically given the name BFD2(1). Then I wanted to change the order of the drums in the map so I selected Functions/New Copy, changed the order and then selected Functions/Save. I gave it the name ‘CPDrumMap’. Subsequently, when selecting a drum map on an Instrument track, ‘CPDrumMap’ is not listed, but there are now two copies of BFD2(1) listed!

This is the same issue in N10 and N8.

  1. With the Drum Map open in a project it is possible to re-arrange the order of the instruments in the map and it is indicated in the documentation that any changes would be saved with the project, Sadly this does not happen unless the changes are made using the separate Drum Map Setup facility available on the main Midi menu. Fair enough, but in that case it would be better not to let the user waste hours making changes directly in the Drum Map that cannot then be saved.

  2. When playing a project with the Drum Map open, not all notes (the diamonds) are visible all of the time when a track is running, which is confusing. They can be heard but not always seen.

  3. More confusion: In the user manuals for both N10 and N8 the following wrong image is included:

    The Bass Drum listed in the image does NOT have different Pitch, I-Note and O-Note values.

Perhaps someone from Steinberg could have a look at fixing this stuff.


  1. The file is useful if you want to transfer your Dump map to other computer or to other project. There is no link between the file name, and the Drum Map name in Cubase.

  2. I can confirm, I reported it.