Drum map optimization

Is there any way we can hide UNASSIGNED lane in the drum map, so I can zoom out to fit screen better (not unused).

Also, can we please add drum map color coding function, so i can color code lanes that belong to different part of the drum kit to a color of my own preference, so i don’t have to zoom in to see the small text showing the name of the lane.


this is so far the only thing that makes me hesitate between cubase and studio one

Can you post a screenshot perhaps to show what you mean?


custom color code + only showing lanes that i assigned

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That would actually be a nice improvement!

Custom color code would be indeed really nice!
If by “assigned” you mean only show the rows, which have data/hits on it, then this is possible by using the visibility agent (its this symbol which looks like a house in the menu bar of the drum editor)!

Yeah, I mean assigned by lane that has been assigned with a VST articulation, not a lane with midi datas on it, cause i never know if i want to hit that cowbell once of twice in a song, hiding lanes withouts midi data will not do the trick for me.

Honestly i think these are not very complicated features, I am just scared that such small thing takes forever to launch on cubase, the studio one just updated version 6 and there is a lot interesting things, i think i am going back to studio one until something happens here