Drum map setup questions

When making a custom drum map in the drum map setup is it possible to move more than one pitch at once? Since many will be blank I would like them to be at the bottom of the map and it’s cumbersome to move the blank pitches one by one.

Additionally I have seen at least one person on YouTube simply have pitches not visible. Cubase has a ‘show drum sounds with events’ option but that only displays pitches with actual notes. I just want every single note I’ve mapped available and the blank ones not visible or deleted from the map. In this video at 7 minutes you can clearly see what I’m asking for in action: https://youtu.be/Bge36qT8VpI

Hope somebody can help!


No, sorry, this is not possible. The fastest way I to do so in the XML editor.

When I need this, I just move the unwanted notes completely down to the list. I think it’s the same case on the video. You can see long scrollbar on the right side, so there are definitely more notes down.

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