Drum mapping doesn't work or I don't understand?

After decades and versions of Cubase, I still find the same problems with the drum mapping. In the present case, I have the great sounding TD50x/VAD set. I record playing and am pretty satisfied with the track, but I wanted to have a little panning of the the drums on this midi track. So I dissolved into separate tracks and then merged in loop after some minor panning of the parts. It misaligned for some reason so I straighted that. I had GM as the drum map, as that is closest to what I had. I had saved the setup that the drums were in as TD50x.drm, but when that is attempted to be loaded, the name never comes up and can’t be loaded.

So I hear that a great sounding tom now sound thin and metallic and see the note value and name has changed. I compare with the original and see that is C2 and change that as well as the name, to high tom, as the original. Now it has the right sound and there is no differnce in placement of a 4 16th note fill, but while on the original track, it sounds exactly right, while on the the recombined one it sounds flubbed, and there is no difference in the quantized 16th notes.

As I said, if I go to the original, save its setup as TD50x, and then go to the newer on and choose TD50x to load, that name never appears, only some other name with different mapping.

This is just one of the many problems with the mapping, such as for the score, edit in scores is always grayed out and the Steinberg techs haven’t been able to solve that or other problems for months. I really expected all these things to be working after going from V8 to V13, but alas, no. Seems they don’t care about these aspects.

After relisting to the original, I find that other parts timing is also off. This (dissolving and recombining) just doesn’t work properly, I guess.

I have a td50x and it doesn’t sound anywhere near as good as SD3 by toontrack. You may be better going down the drum vst than using the td50x sounds. I moved to drum vsti’s 20 years ago and haven’t looked back. I use the td50x as it has great triggering with the digital pads but the onboard sounds are just not up to scratch…

More or less the same here. Old TD20 with broken display triggers SD3, mostly Decades and Hansa kits.
Cymbal overdubs with a Bop pad dialed in for this.