Drum Mapping

First off, I’m a little new to MIDI…

I am using a Yamaha DTX502 drum kit running USB to my PC (Windows 7) on Cubase 8.5 Pro. I can get a VST instrument and record just fine, but all of my drums are collected together on one track. I want to separate each drum to a different track so that I can save as a template so that I don’t have to always duplicate a track 8 times to separate my kick, snare, hi-hat, etc…

I was wondering if there was a way to use the Drum Map to Map my kick to a kick VST instrument track, and then do the same thing for each drum and cymbal.

I tried searching the forums, but I can’t find anything dealing with this particular type of situation.

My goal is to mix my drums one at a time so that I can remove frequencies that interfere with my drum mix between various drums and cymbals. Also, I’d like to have more control over the gain of each drum and cymbals.

Hi and welcome,

Select the MIDI event, and use MIDI > Dissolve Part > Separate Pitches.