Drum Maps and MIDI loops

We have read the manual on Drum Maps and still remain baffled sorry. Something we are missing. :confused:

When we import a MIDI loop from the MediaBay into a project the drum map in the drum editor uses a series of pitches that are much higher then the normal GM pitches. The loop opens in Halion SE with what we suppose is a custom drum map. :nerd:

So when we edit in the Drum editor the drum names are not written. :cry:

In addition if we want to change the Instrument and use Groove Agent instead of Halion SE the Groove Agent drums do not work. :cry:

Two questions:
1: Is there a drum map for these presets and where would we find it? :question:

2: If we want to change the kit how do we get the MIDI to play in Groove Agent? :question: