Drum Maps can not be changed

I don’t know if this is an issue or not.

I you create a drum map from an instrument automatically (Yeah some instruments can send their mapping to the host like Groove Agent SE 4 and also BFD3 does this) and than make a copy of it, rename it and save it as seperate XML file, you can not change, add or remove names for each note even when using this map in a different project.

Try this:

  1. open a new Project in Cubase 8
  2. Insert Groove Agent SE4 and select a Kit
  3. Now go to the inspector and select “Create Drummap from instrument”
  4. go to the drummap settings and create a copy of this freshly created drummap. Rename it and than save it as a seperate Drum Map.
  5. Close the Project and start a new empty Project.
  6. Add a midi or instrument track and load this drummap you save on this track. Try to change, delete or create names on every note. It doesn’t work.