Drum Maps, Expression Maps for various VST Instruments


am I missing something or is there almost no source for Drum Map and Expression Map data?

All I found for expression maps is this, which doesn’t provide a lot:

Especially I’m interested in Drum Maps for Battery 4 and Kontakt Libraries.
There are this two things, but both down.

Is anyone doing the drum maps over and over again on its own?
Wouldn’t it be better to build a community database with Drum and Expression Maps for a lot of instruments?

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With regard to drum maps… why not just make your own? i can map BFD2 with articulations all over the kit in under ten minutes easily!
Something i’ve found is that although it MIGHT seem like an unnecessary step, those few minutes spent mapping also familiarise me with the kit sounds so it’s also a good way of learning and familiarising oneself with each kits sounds… you can even send midi to multiple vsti’s from ONE drum map/drum editor should you wish, so you can use the kick from say bfd, the snare from halionsonic, hats from groove agent etc all from one editor!..
It’s also incredibly rare, certainly in my own case, that people use all their drum sounds from just one kit so the more familiar someone is with the map editor the easier and quicker they will find creating their own custom maps… teh more you do the better/faster you get at it.
I had a conversation with someone last week (in the real world) who doesn’t use drum maps or the drum editor… they use the piano roll with each instrument on it’s own midi track… which is fine if you only have two or three sounds and a loop of a few bars…but programming in variations and fills is a nightmare and very time consuming using that method, whereas if you spend a few minutes setting a map up and using the drum editor over the course of the entire drum programming you save a LOT of time… once he’d thought about it he could see what i was trying to get across to him…

of course everyone can do their own drum maps. but anyway presets would be nice? should be the part of NI providing some, but since they don’t, community shared ones would be a benefit?
Then you could change the presets to your needs.