Drum maps global

Where do I save my drum maps to so they’re available in any project? I see you can save the with a project but it would seem like that would be something you could have available globally. The Cubase docs refer to saving an XML file in passing but doesn’t mention where or how.

I don’t think there’s actually a default folder, i just created a folder in the root folder of my projects drive and sub divided that into BFD/GAse folders… been working just fine for more years than i can remember…


Some of the online material says there’s a /drumaps/ folder but it’s not where they say it is - or anywhere else that I can find for that matter.

So, I created a folder and copied the few drum maps I have into them. I was just hoping to bury them in Cubase itself where I would have little to no chance of accidentally deleting them while cleaning up some disks.

What got me started on this round of drum maps was: I have Cubase playing backing tracks for my band and one of the tracks has been the light show thru ShowXpress. I updated SXpress and it didn’t record light scene “clicks” correctly anymore - plus it takes forever (boring) to sit there and click/record lights along with a track. I’d been looking for a better easier way to do the lights anyway - because I’m a guitar player, not a light show engineer/developer. So, since I have drum tracks to most everything (in case we go out as a two or threesome i.e. without a drummer) and I copied the drum track to the light track, got creative with drum mapping, and now the drum track is triggering the lights. Kick triggers this, snare triggers that, etc. I haven’t done it yet but I bet if I do some mapping with like the horn parts, I can trigger some more lighting and the neat/time saving part is all the lights sync to something in the music without me having to do anything other than copy a midi track.

Anyway, thanks for the response and the suggestion.

To have the same set of drum maps always available I’m using a project template. Drum maps loaded (among many things) are included in project templates so when ever I start a new project all my drum maps are there.