Drum Maps, how to make snap settings global

I’ve setup a new drum map and I’ve noticed that in the key editor, the global “snap to the grid” function does not apply to the drum keys…
Key editor (when using drum maps) ignores the resolution set and keeps the default resolution set in the drum map editor which in my case is 1/16.
I’m able to manually change the resolution for one key at the time but I’d rather prefer all keys follow a global resolution setting…




Sorry, I’m a bit confused by the Key Editor and Trump Map. There is Drum Map in the Key Editor. The Drum Map is applied in the Drum Editor.

Maybe a screenshot would bring more light here?

Sorry for the misunderstanding, the thing is that my version is in italian so I don’t know how to properly translate in english some terms in cubase.

1 - I’ve set a drum map
2 - I’ve drawed a MIDI region on a Instrument track with a Drum vst
3 - I’ve assigned the drum map to the instrument track and double clicked on the region
3 - I’ve double clicked on it
4 - Now I’m in the editor (drum editor actually)
5 - Ok now, whatever resolution of the grid I set (1/4, 1/8 etc), the drum editor ignores that setting and keeps the resolution of the grid to 1/16
6 - I can manually change the default resolution to other value, for one note at the time
6 - I’d want the drum editor grid to follow the global setting of the resolution for all the notes, thing that usually happens with the key editor

Here’s a screenshot =)

the 1/4, is the value I want drum editor to apply to alle the notes

The 1/16, is the default value (set in the drum map editor)

the 1/8 is the value I’ve manually edited


Click to the Snap Type button (-|+) and choose Use Quantize.

I can’t find it :frowning:

ok, found it, thanks! :smiley:

it’s the Grid type -|+ button


Oh, sorry, you are right, thanks! It’s Grid Type. My cursor was still on the left side over the Snap Type field, when the Tool tip appeared.