Drum Maps not being Saved with Project

If I select “Create Drum Map from Instrument”, save the project, close it and reopen, my selection is gone, and “No Drum Map” is showing.

The created Drum Map is still there in the list of available Drum Maps, and I can re-select it, but by default I’m back to a non-Drum Map track.

Can someone please tell me how I ensure that my Drum Map assignments are retained properly? Thanks.


Is it reproducible with any Drum Map? Or is it reproducible only with a Drum Map generated from the VSTi? Is the VSTi still present in the track?

I confirm - Cubase does not save it, must be selected every time when the project is opened again. VSTi (GA5 in my case) is still present, “Create Drum Map from Instrument” works OK, Cubase doesn’t freeze (finally!), but C. simply forgets it

In answer to the questions - I wouldn’t know. I only use Drum Maps created from VSTs, and yes the VST is still present on the track. I’m just closing the app down and reopening it - nothing else in between.


Confirmed, reported to Steinberg (CAN-22392).


This issue has been fixed in Cubase 10.0.40 update.