Drum Maps Not Working

I have Cubase Pro 12
I cant get the drum maps to work. If i switch to drum maps in the project page there is no sound. If I go back to the normal piano roll i can hear the drums fine.
Im trying to use the generic GM kits within Halion.
I have Halion 7 and I think Halion SE 3 is still there as well.

Sorry, old schoolboy error. I wasn’t on channel 10 for MIDI drums.
To be honest I didn’t think that still applied but it makes sense now that it still needs to be.


The MIDI Channel 10 is not necessary. If the library is at MIDI Channel 1 in HALion Sonic, use MIDI Channel 1. Also Groove Agent is working with MIDI Channel 1 (only).

Hi Martin.
That’s correct for the instruments but, for drums on my machine I have to use channel 10 to use drum maps for The Halion drum sets.
If I use SSD5.r it’s as you say channel 1 but if I use Halion Basic and select GM Stereo Kit I have to use channel 10


Because HALion us working in multitimbral so it takes the MIDI Channel in account.

SSD is not multitimbral so it translates all MIDI Channels to 1 internally.

OK Thanks Martin.