Drum maps seem to work only on one MIDI channel

I use Cubase Elements 12 with a Yamaha MODX synth. I create a drum part on MIDI channel 10. I use the Cubase drum editor and select a drum map. Sometimes I want a second MODX drum part, so I create one on its MIDI channel 11. If I select the matching drum map in the editor, Cubase switches to the original drum part on channel 10. However, this does not happen if I use drum names, rather than drum map - I get the two drum parts on different channels.

What is happening here?
Screenshot 2023-04-13 141728


In the Drum Map, set the MIDI Channel to Any. Then the MIDI Track’s Channel is in use.

Hi Martin

Do you mean that, in every drum map, I need to open it and manually alter every instrument’s channel to Any? That seems like a long way round.


What is really missing is the ability to select several items of the drum map and change their Channel setting in one go. Should work in both the Drum Map Setup dialog and the Drum Editor.
That would make changing the channel a breeze.

Rebecca, feel free to make this topic a feature-request.

The multi-line edit should be possible for other values/columns as well, of course.

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You can use a text editor like Notepad (or Editor as it is called now) to replace the channel value from 10 to Any in one go.

Load the drum map file into the editor (you might have to set the file type in the dialog from Text Files to All Files).
Use the Replace… function usually found in the Edit menu.
Search string is name="Channel" value="9"
Replace string is name="Channel" value="-1"


Replace All, then save the drum map file.


That worked, thank you. With the MIDI channel set to Any, how does Cubase and my synth know which channel to use for the part?


You set the MIDI Channel in the Inspector of the MIDI Track.


Okay, I see. Thank you.

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