Drum Maps with CC Info

I use my Roland TD-15KV with Cubase 6.5 and Superior Drummer 2.3. Everything works fine if i don’t use a drum map and i set my E-drums to receive on channel 1 instead of 10. However if I turn on a drum map, everything works fine on channel 10 except for the CC Info… specifically CC4 which is used by the HiHat foot pedal. Is there something special I have to do to map the CC channels?

No ideas?

I don’t have that configuration here (so I cannot verify my suggestion), but does it work if you add an Input Transformer to that track, and transform the MIDI channel of the incoming CC#4?

Could solution be as simple as setting your MIDI track’s output channel to 10?

Jarno, thanks you have jogged mind. I failed to mention that I had the track set up as an instrument track instead of a midi track. So I had configured a midi device in the “midi device manager.” When you route it that way you get no option for midi channel. I configured it again as a midi track and problem instantly solved… i didn’t even have to change midi channel.

So there is some definite weirdness when trying to route out an Instrument channel.