Drum Maps

The Cubase 6 Manual says there are additional drum maps included on the DVD. But I cannot find them. Does anyone know if they exist and if so where? I am looking for a drum map for BFD to use in the Drum Editor on a midi track.

Drum map is a little weird to get around.

Open the Drum Map Setup from the inspector.

Look at the top left and see, ‘Functions.’

Click on it. Select ‘Load.’

This will open the folder where whatever drum maps are in Cubase are stored. It is also where you should place drum maps you down load. Look at the folder structure to identify where it is.

The drum map you are looking for may or may not be there. I might be on the install disk in some ‘extra content’ folder.

Good luck.


Hi Como,
Thanks for the response, but I don’t think you understood my question. My question was not, how do you “load” drum maps once you have found them. Rather, my question was do you know “WHERE” are they? Are they on the DVD? If so, where? Are they in a specific folder? If so, what is the name of the folder? And more specifically, as I stated in my question, I am looking for a BFD drum map. If you don’t know the answer, that’s totally cool as I don’t either, but in that case no need to respond :slight_smile:

OK, I think you are trying to be selective in you loading of the extras found on the second DVD. Well, good luck with that. My method was to load them all and see what I could use. Turns out it was ALL the extras. You might agree.

I use bfd2 all the time…with the gm map. I mean what different except them putting a roll instead of handclap on d#? It would be easier to open that map, change a few names and save it, no? That gets the track to show in the drum editor as it should…what are you using the mapping functions for?

If you can’t find it, it’s really not difficult to make your own drum map.

i think there is drummaps for bfd2 on the fxpansions forum

hey, bfd guys,
I made a drummap for my bfd kits and saved it.
Do you know where I have to save it so I just can open it from the list instead of loading it each time from my hd?

Thanks, Matze!

you have to load it in the drummap editor after it reload in your project ! if tou use a “template” load it here save your template & now the drummap is here

save a dummy *.drm file with a unique name like “donutsaregoodforyou.drm” (on PC, not sure if it’s the same on Mac)
search your disks for files with that name.
there you will probably find a bunch of other *.drm files.

or search for *.drm files and you will have the important file paths :wink:

Well, actually, I did … but I probably did not explain well.

By going to ‘Load,’ you identify where Cubase thinks your drum map presets are located since it opens the folder where it expects to find them. Now you can use your drop down hierarchy path to identify the location of that folder for future referene. You would also see if any drum maps are there or not, i.e., were installed. You’d also now know where to place any drum map your found elsewhere or downloaded.


I know where I have saved my file. I wonder, where I can put it to be automatically in the list on startup. Is there a place where the standard GM Map is saved? I haven’t found it yet.

Has somebody an idea?

Thanks, Matze!