Drum Maps

Sorry guys, but I’m really new to cubase. I bought Cubase 4 recently and have set it up by the book with a fousrite Saffire 6.

It’s been mostly fine, however the problem I’m having is with the drum map. I try to create a track like it says in the manual, I have even been on Youtube to try see if i’m doing something wrong. However when i go into the drum map I ca’tn hear any sounds from the drum notes. I click on them, nothing, I put the notes i.e. snare etc into the track and play back, nothing. Should I be downloading these sounds? Should they be available regardless?

I’d appreciate any help guys.

Thnaks in advance.


Create an instrument track in your project. Select an instrument that has drumsounds (is groove agent 1 in Cubase 4? Otherwise try Halion). Open this instrument and find yourself a drumkit you like. Now open your drum editor and try again, you should be able to trigger the drumsounds.

Thanks for your reply.

When you go into the instrument section and wish to select a drum kit. Should be able to hear anything there? I cn’t hear anything whether it’s strings, brass, drums, nothing.

It seems to suggest in the manual that I should hear something?

Than you again, I got it going!!

Nice, good luck making music :slight_smile: