Drum maps

I have recently upgraded from Cubase 7 Artist to 8.5 Pro. My existing projects use groove agent one ( Comp kit tight ).
I do like the sound of Groove Agent SE ( Rock Kit 2 ) but the drum mapping seems incompatible, i.e Pedal Hi Hat sounds like a Crash Cymbal. Is there any way around this? Do I need a Drum map map? Or, am I going to have to move all the drums manually. I am still looking for a rational reason why there are drum maps at all and not a standard.

Open the Drum Editor and change the O-Note of the pedal hi-hat to something else, or select all pedal hi-hat notes and use the up and down arrow keys to move them to another note easily. You can use the Create Drum Map from Instrument function to see which notes trigger what sounds from the kit you currently have loaded.

Not all drums are sampled the same, so not all of them will follow the GM drum mapping 100%. If you need consistency, try the Acoustic Agent SE sounds. If they sound too quiet, try using the Maximizer or regular Limiter.