Drum merge problems

I dissolved a midi drum part into lanes. I wanted to pan the instruments individually, but found that didn’t work, so I undid and did midi dissolve to separate tracks,. I made individual panning adjustments and then merged back to an individual track which had been the bass drum and then glued so it was all together again, I had one part where a cowbell was playing instead of the recorded tom, so I changed the midi number to that of a tom. It was very high and unwanted, and not the sound assigned to the number, as when I click the sound at the left, it plays a lower tom. I went back to the original track to see what it played in that part and found the track was muted, so unmuted and it plays a low tom sound, as desired. So it seems the splitting changed some things. Also I noted that the rhythms seemed off a little but thought maybe that was from playing so many parts on separate tracks,