Drum mix

Hi there…

I have a drum video that I created (drums and recording). I tried to get the mix sounding balanced but it sounds too muddy and deep. You will know what I mean if you listen to it.

Please, if you have ANY advice or tips on how I can get this sounding better (in any way), please tell.


Dave :smiley:

Through my laptop speakers and early in the morning, it seem like they are lacking EQ. Drums can take a lot of EQ and Compression…

Do you have any room mic’s or ambient mic’s you can use to brighten the sound? The whole kit does sound a bit flat, 2D.

Hi Split

Thanks for your reply…

I did add some eq and reverb… Probably not adequate enough…

As for room mics, there is 2 overhead mics…

Is there any eq or comression tips?

I only have Cubase LE 5…


Dave :smiley:

Jetta: Your snare at times sounds abit Muddy.
Try using 2 mic’s on it next time. The bottom mic (with the phase reversed)
will bring out the highs in the snare without having to add alot of EQ.
Use 2 tracks for the snare.

You could try running your Drum mix out through some speakers,
Mic the speakers from 10 -20 feet out to simulate Room Mic’s
and re-record that to 2 seperate tracks blending that back in with
your drum tracks.

Maybe add a little over all compression 2-1 to even things out a bit.

Sounds good though

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :wink:

The bottom snare mic trick can be a good one although I’ve stopped using one now after many years of using one as I found myself wanting more top mic for that crack/thump.

Anyway try dipping the low mids, raising the upper stuff on the spot mics, and grouping the whole lot to a stereo group and slap a good compressor over it with a slow attack and fast release, for starters. Dont be afraid to dig in with the eq and/or use good handfull of compression 4:1.