Drum Notation in Dorico

Hi there.

I was wondering if there is any deadline considering drum notation possibility in Dorico? As a drum teacher I write the drum parts weekly for my students and I really need this feature badly! I am waiting patiently already a year and I was wondering how long is it ging to take for Dorico makers to make this pretty basic feature available!

it is announced for the next big update, they say end of autumn and I trust them

Yes, it’s only a few more weeks to wait now. I think you will be pleased with what we will be providing. I’ve written a bit about the kind of approach we’re taking: see here and here.

Great! I aim already enjoying the new update. Lots of great stuff although I miss some basics to finish up my drum chart - simile marks and time slashes. Are they available in new 1.2 update? I really really need it!

Neither proper support for rhythmic slashes nor ditto bars/simile marks are implemented in Dorico 1.2, I’m sorry to say, but these are a high priority for the near future.

Thanks for fast replay Daniel. You probably hate this question but any idea when to expect these…?


What you mean by your comment Derrek?

Just that the Development Team is extremely (and justifiably) tight lipped about “when” features will arrive.

Hi there! I am waiting patiently to be able to make my first complete drum chart for my students that includes rhythm slashes and bar repeats for more than a year as shown above in my thread dated on 17 01 2017. Nothing fancy! It was promised as you can read above as one of the next updates of Dorico.
Did you let me sit patiently for over a year to realise that I have to pay another 99 dollars to be able to use a slashes and repeat sings? Guys is this TRUE?!
I can’t find any thread saying that to be able to use this functions Ill need to pay additional money by a second release of Dorico.

I am sorry to say that but I feel scammed! I wish Daniel or anyone else from Dorico support would be kind enough to inform me in a thread dated on 19 02 2018 on Dorico plans. It feels bad to be set for a fact of paying for a basic features of each music notation software. It does not feel as client friendly.

First I was asked to support development of Dorico “emotionally” as paying for “not completed but still in development” software and I did. Now you are telling me it is all about the money??!
Please tell me I am wrong and there was an update of Dorico 1 including these basic features.

This has been discussed at length, Sebastian. See here: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=139152&start=25#p749004
If you fancy bedtime reading, read the whole thread…

Sorry if this aggravates you, as that is not my intent.

Daniel told you that ‘drum notation’ would be coming soon. And he was correct. 100%. I think the difference here, is what you consider to be ‘drum notation’ and what others consider to be ‘drum notation’. As someone who has A LOT of experience in percussion notation and percussion publications, I can say that I was in the same line of thinking as Daniel’s explanation. Bar repeats are not explicit to drum notation, and neither are slash notations. As such, I think this was very clear. Drum notation was implemented and works incredibly well in version 1.2.

Bar repeats and slash notation… those other non percussion features were to follow in version 2.