Drum notation: one staff, several sounds?

Hi everyone,

in Sibelius I managed to write Drums in one staff. Kick drum was below the line, snare drum on the line and hi-hat above. See picture. It’s great to write for beatboxers, without using too much extra space in choir arrangements.
I couldn’t manage to do this in Dorico. Any idea how to do this?


You do it in Setup, configure drum kit.

Yes, but on each staff I can only put one instrument. As soon as I choose another instrument it creates another staff.

Hmmm…! I’ll be on the program later and check it out, but as far as I remember you can have as many drums on one staff as you like, you just need to create more noteheads.

I’m not sure you can write notes above and below the one-line staff in Dorico yet. You can of course have as many instruments as you want in a kit, on a 5-line-staff…

[Edit]: I happily stand corrected by Daniel himself in the next post. So there should not be any problem to do what you are willing to do.

You can write notes on a single line, and in the space immediately above and immediately below the line. That can be configured via the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog:

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Cool, thanks a lot!
Is there a possibility that the option is programmed to also write notes further above or below the line? I found this very handy with Sibelius, designed my beatbox notation this way and have already published sheet music this way.

At the moment, no, you can’t have notes further away from the single staff-line, but we do plan further flexibility with staff lines in future versions.

Ok, thanks.
Another thing: Yesterday I did what you proposed in the playing techniques dialogue, but then couldn’t write different notes above, on or below the staff. Why could that be?

You need to use Shift+Alt+up/down arrow to cycle between the different playing techniques you’ve defined: as you reach the ones that have been defined to appear above or below the line, the notes will move there automatically.

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