Drum notes from midi track

Hi there,

I am looking to export for my drummer the drum notes from some of my already written songs.

I am opening the midi DRUM track than accessing MIDI in the menu than Open score editor but i still get notes not drum score…

Maybe I am doing something wrong… please advice.


HM… i have realized on my own that IF you have a plugin for drums with custom drum maping… YOU can see the drum SCORE ONLY IF you are writing in GM drum map…

NOW… how can I export to PDF?? since my printer is not working for the moment…

Google print to PDF and you’ll find lots of apps that let you “print” to a file.

I am using Beat Designer to create my Drums. I did make a custom Drum Map in Beat Designer with the Media Bay. Can I get a drum score out of that? So far I’m only seeing notes like you described.