drum pad in groove agent does not match my keyboard

I am able to bring up Groove agent and record from my keyboard and trigger the drum pads (I am in pattern mode). However, in the upper right corner of each pad is a letter and a number that is supposed to correlate to my keyboard and it doesn’t. It is close but B0 is actually B1 and A1 is actually A0. However, some are actually labeled correctly, when I hit D0 on my keyboard it shows that pad lighting up in Groove agent? When I play G#0 it plays G#1 and I can’t even get G#0 pad to trigger. Any Ideas?

also some of my keys are triggering non pattern sounds that don’t even have pads associated with them. not a big deal but a curiosity none the less.

In central Europe and Japan, middle C is usually called C3 instead of the C4 that you’re probably used to. In other words, in Cubase, Groove Agent and most software from these regions B1 will be B0, A1 will be A0, etc.

By clicking the keyboard icon to the top right of the window you can see which keys trigger patterns and which trigger solo drum hits. If your MIDI output is set to “Groove Agent - Main” both patterns and solo notes can be played from your keyboard.