Drum Pad triggers note twice (on and off)

Hello, I set up my MIDI keyboard correctly, installed the drivers, Cubase set-up, etc, and finally have my drum pads assigned to a Kontakt instrument. Now, when I play the drum pad it plays it when I press the pad AND ALSO when I let go of the pad. Can anyone help me out here? Thank you.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Please use MIDI Monitor and double-check, what exactly is sent out, when you release the Pad.

Thank you for the response Martin.Jirask. I have MIDI Monitor inserted and I am not getting any data to appear on the interface. Whether I click all events, or click on or off any other parameter, I get no recognition in MIDI monitor. My keyboard is a Worlde Panda MINI II. I can record a MIDI passage with my keyboard, and the notes show up on the grid, but they are also not recognized in MIDI monitor. And recording a passage while hitting the pads doesn’t show any midi notes in the arrange window. I am also using Cubase 10.


Did you use MIDI Monitor in Cubase or other 2rd party software, please? I would recommend to use 3rd party software in this case, to test, the problem is in or out of Cubase.

I used both the MIDI monitor in Cubase and a 3rd party software. Neither of them recognize data coming from my drum pads.


Then I’m afraid the issue is on the hardware side.