Drum Pads Sort Behavior

Kudos to the Dorico team for Dorico 4!!! I love all the new features and improvements!!!

That said, it seems that the drum pads sorting behavior is a bit dodgy on my mac. I can’t seem to get the pads in the order I’d like. I place the kick drum in the first position, drag a snare into position 2 and then the kick pad bounces down to the bottom row! What?

Is there a video that explains how to arrange the pads or is this something that needs an update?

Also, it seems that the pads should just show up like the keyboard does without having to select notes first.

Thanks again Dorico team!

Devin Thomas

The drum pads can only appear when Dorico knows which percussion kit you’re trying to edit or input into; each percussion kit in your project could have its own entirely different set of instruments, so you have to make a selection before Dorico knows which kit you’re interested in.

The dragging behaviour should be reasonably predictable, but it’s worth knowing that Dorico will always try to keep the same number of pads on all of the rows, so you may want to add some spaces to the arrangement.

For what it’s worth, I’m having a hard time sorting the drum pads, whether or not I add spaces to make the 2 rows even. Feels a little like a “tile sorting” type game. So far, I’m not groking it.

Okay, I figured out that I was trying to start my custom configuration at the top row which is impossible!

Dorico team: Here’s an idea. Why not let us place the pads where we want (without restriction) on a grid without any drums assigned and then add the drums by control clicking on a pad to assign the sound we want?

This way we could have a true custom arrangement in a straightforward manner without all this bouncing back and forth. In other words, let the pads stay stationary and let us change the sound we assign to the pads because that’s the true goal anyway, right?

Thank you!

Devin Thomas

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