Drum part - Copy Paste

I am having a little problem and it is probably me, that is doing something wrong.
I have a snare drum on one player and a bass drum on another. I want to copy paste those parts into a combined kit.
There is no problem when copy paste the snare drum. But when I try to copy paste the bass drum it deletes the snare drum. What is going on or what am I doing wrong?

You can’t copy/paste an entire instrument: the instrument needs to be held by the player for you to copy music to its staff.

You don’t need to copy/paste at all though, unless you want to have 2 snares and 2 bass drums. If you only need your existing parts, just merged into one kit, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure one player is holding both existing instruments: Moving instruments
  2. Combine the instruments held by one player into a kit: Combining individual percussion instruments into kits

Alternatively, if you really do want to copy/paste and end up with duplicate instruments, temporarily show the kit as the single-line staff presentation, then paste onto the corresponding single-line staves: Changing the percussion kit presentation type

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Thank you. Now that you have explained it, it seems so obvious.
Sometimes you give me the urge to want to bang my head against a wall. :slight_smile: