drum playback 'clicks'

I have a problem that I encountered using Cubase LE 4 with an SR-16 drum machine connected through a E-Mu midi interface (I am fairly new to midi).

  1. I created an instrument track and used the key editor in Cubase to create a bass guitar track that outputs to Halionone and plays normally.

  2. I created a midi track, recorded a drum part using the SR-16 through midi. The output is directed to the midi interface and plays normally through the SR-16 using GM drum map.

  3. I created another instrument track, recorded a drum part using the SR-16, and directed the output to Halionone using GM drum map. When playing this track, the drum notes recorded by the SR-16 come out as just click noises from the speakers. I manually added some notes to the part using the drum editor and when playing back, the manually added notes play normally, while the SR-16 generated notes play as ‘clicks’. Both sets of notes look normal in the drum editor?

Any ideas what might be wrong?


Sounds like you need to increase the note on length on the controller.

Thanks, in the key editor it does appear that the controller is sending notes with a length of The problem is I don’t see anyway to adjust that via the SR-16.

When playing a midi track using the SR-16 as the sound module the note duration defaults to natural decay so this doesn’t present a problem, but this is not the case when playing a track that has been recorded by using the SR-16 to send the midi notes and then playing back using Halionone in an instrument track.

It beginning to look like what I am trying to do isn’t really possible with my equipment. Are there controllers out there that can be programmed to send note duration? I guess one work around is to use the fixed lengths midi function to adjust the various drum sounds after the track is recorded.