drum playback error - only cymbals play back

hi there,

I’m working on a score and for some reason only certain pitches of my “Drum Set” instrument play back – for some reason I only get cymbals and hi hat but not snare and kick drum – from the same stave.

Odd, isn’t it? Any thoughts? I don’t see the instruments as being muted in playback, tried “load sounds for unassigned instruments” and changing playback templates - no dice.


Did you start with a Dorico-built kit or construct your own?

The built-in Dorico options already include the links between percussion maps, percussion layouts, and HALion sound sets. If you build your own, you need to make sure these are all set up and consistently linked.

If this problem affects just one project (i.e. if everything works as expected in a newly-created project, which I suspect it will), then please attach the problematic project here so we can take a look.

weird - I re-pasted the drum set part onto another drumset instrument and now it plays back fine.