Drum programmer needed

I don’t know if this is the right place to post, but I’m looking for someone with an expertise in Brazilian, or Middle Eastern rhythms to fill out a drum track. Preferably, Addictive Drums, but I’m open. I’m in the Bay Area.

Albert G

There are several sites that offer musicians for hire over the internet. I’ve used this one for some vocals and it worked out well, but there are other sites too.


You could also have someone play live drums instead of programmed.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll check it out. I want to augment a live track. I have to keep down my studio costs.

I was surprised how affordable some of the options were.

Since you already have a recording with a functioning rhythm (I assume) to act as a guide have you considered trying to do the programming yourself? You might surprise yourself and learn something in the process.

You can also try Fiverr:


Do it myself? Oh no. I would have some very angry musicians. This has to be someone with intimate knowledge of Brazilian rhythms and instrumentation.

And…thanks Makumbaria, very much.

No, this is a great place to post about this. I love both Brazilian and Middle Eastern music, but, I’d just be rushing out and getting some (more) good Sample CD’s and Downloads in these styles. If you want custom-made real playing, I’d look to the booking agents and so on, perhaps some of those mentioned in the thread.

VST Connected session time, maybe?

Good luck with the project.

“The Elf”, member of this forum, has programmed some very nice drums for me.

They were more in the traditional rock style, but he is very well-connected … I’d say if you were to PM him there’d be a fair chance he could hook you up with someone if he didn’t have the expertise to do the job himself (and I believe he’d have no problem in telling you that if that were the case).

Wow, what a site. I wonder how many of those offering services are actually making money? Probably 2 per cent or so?

Do you know what kind of agreement is made with, say, a drummer, or vocalists? What kind of licensing and publishing agreement is used? I’m assuming it’s a work for hire? This is must be on the site. I’ll have to look further into it.

Yeah it’s work for hire so you own all rights to the audio delivered to you. I hired a vocalist for a couple of songs and the process was pretty strightforward and the site manages every step. You upload a mix of your song. A few days later the performer uploads matching stems. I thought it was good value.

The woman I hired also does traditional session work in LA, so I think work from the site becomes part of the mix for her income stream.


I hired a drummer on Airgigs and a violinist and a drummer on Fiverr. Everyone was great and delivery was on time.