Drum programming tips ?

Most of time I’m programming my drums rewire in FL Studio, because in FL i have super fast browser & its easy to program drum patterns…

in Cubase, i’m programming drums twice longer then in fl…
In Cubase I’m using GA se4 and writing patterns with drum editor. but its sooo slow workflow for me.

Maybe someone can give/share good advice/tip how to fast program drums/beats

Mediabay + GA4 se + beatdesigner really speed workflow.

The January and February editions of Sound on Sound have a couple of great tutorials on programming drums in Cubase.

Once you load a sample into a pad, you can use “replace sample” to browse folders for sounds. The pad gets updated once you select a sample in the explorer, however the replacement is not permanent until you click “OK”. “Cancel” reverts your choice to the previously loaded sample. There is also undo function inside GA4SE and A/B settings.

Learn GA4SE inside out - read the manual, read the tooltips. It’s one of best drum samplers out there - I’ve used Yamaha A4000, AKAI MPC 1000, Geist, FL Studio (edit: and Battery - no undo + sample replacement is permanent + no slicing = no go) - I prefer GA4SE by far. GA4SE is fast and easy to use once you know what is provided. When it’s in focus, it responds to key commands.

In the track inspector -> Create drum map from instrument (works with GA4SE)

in the drum editor :
choose “Show Drum Sounds in use by Instrument” and activate “Show Note Length”
use drumstick tool
ctrl+shift+click on a note or selected notes and drag up or down to adjust the velocity
ctrl+cursor L/R - moves selected note left or right by quantize value
It’s also useful to have keys assigned to quantize values - thanks to it switching between them is superfast.

GA4SE responds to Note Expression data, which means you can edit data of individual hits - unfortunately you need to use key editor to edit note expression data. It’s useful for setting filter cutoff or pitch of individual hits.

I find the drum editor superb and superior to beatdesigner.

that one was really surprised me! thank you!

great advice!

Glad of be of help! :wink:

More tips then. :slight_smile:

I find moving around and editing in midi editors faster with keyboard.
Cursor keys lets you move between hits.
Ctrl + cursor keys moves current selection of notes by quantize amount, as stated above.
Alt + cursor adjusts note’s start position while keeping the end position in place
Alt + Shift + cursor adjusts note’s length
Delete key deletes selected notes.

You can also audition sounds by clicking in the left blank column in the drum editor.
By clicking “1” icon in the top left corner of the drum editor, you can solo a sound at a given pitch (thus solo a respective pad in GA4SE).
You can mute a sound by clicking in respective row in the “M” column.
Solo and mute filter midi sequence, thus audio that’s already playing will continue until it’s playback ends.

shift + click on a hit selects that hit and the following on that pitch. Use selection tool for this.

seen this?: http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/alipapa_p/63031495.html, alas in Japanese … F

In English…


Different approach: let Jamstix generate your drum track. There a steep learning curve, as with GASE4, but I believe the result is far more “human-sounding” than any thing else, because it is programmed to play with human characteristics.