Drum Replacement / Enhancement - Which?

Hi all,

I might be looking to invest in a drum enhancer or replacer plug-in package and am wondering what your faves are around here. I know everyone has their preference.

I do mostly live concert recordings, and I’m not a huge fan of replacing things since you tend to lose a lot of vibe. That said, I need ones that will work well with a lot of stage bleed. The tracks work on their own and there are definitely detectable hits. In most cases, I need to replace due to bad micing or out of tune drums.

I’m using 64-bit Cubase 7.5 right now, so it has to be compatible with that.

My top choices right now would be Drumagog or Slate Digital Trigger (with expansion?).


I’ve heard great things about trigger. Just looked and this caught my eye:

Trigger has the unique functionality to be set in a way that in can automatically be instructed to NOT trigger certain leakages on a drum track using its Leakage Suppression mode. Using the Leakage Suppression technology you can trigger a drum track with 100% accuracy even if this drum track has many loud bleeds from other drums.

Coule ba an ace? Demo it if that’s possible.

I’ve never done drum replacement, and I haven’t used either of the plugins you listed. I do sometimes augment drum sounds using a simple trigger plugin.

I’ve been usuing drumagog for years. but it can be fiddly if the drum levels change a lot. I’m sure any drum replacer would be the same. recently I’ve just used Cubase to do it; generate hitpoints. create midi from the hitpoints and trigger a vst instrument (I use superior drummer and bfd2). the advantage is that you can easily edit the hitpoints to make sure you get only the triggers you want. and it won’t cost you anything extra except the time to go through the tracks and listen/edit. tip; blend the samples with the original audio to get the best of both. ed

I have used both Drumagog and Trigger on audio tracks. For me, Trigger is the more powerful and useful of the two. For what you’re doing, you will probably find Trigger’s side chain and gate to be helpful with bleed. Also, I’ve found that Trigger deals with flams much better. Of course, YMMV.

I use 12 channels on a 5 piece kit…

I have a template set up with 8 Channels of Trigger2 so the drummer gets to hear great drums while recording!

Buffer 64… Sample @ 48000

C 7.5 with a fast computer :smiley:

So, I think I may pull the trigger on Trigger 2 Platinum (bad pun). It says iLock Required. Is this true for VST? I thought that was a RTAS thing? As good as it is the last thing I need is ANOTHER dongle hanging out of my system.