Drum replacement in Cubase 2023 from a bad mono recording?

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I’ve managed to kind of pulled some drums out of an old recording with SpectralLayers 10 Pro. It’s for nostalgic reasons but I thought it would be fun to have the project as a whole move from the past (cassette) into the future (digital and AI). There are other tracks as well but let’s focus on the drums.

I’ve never had much use for drum replacement so I don’t know much about it more than that I could make it work by brutalizing something in Cubase. There are smoother ways than mine, let’s leave at that.

So how do you do that in 2023. Any method is worth investigation, any program or any pludin for reference. What do you do when the drum sound is beyond saving in this day and age, ppl!


Ahhh , a man after my own heart .
I tried this in SL9 and failed miserably , tried to separate the drums .
The way i went about replacement was quite simple , it should be even more easier with SL10 as you can separate kick and snare so …
I’ll open the track audio editor , select variaudio , if there’s no pitch change don’t worry , just go to the left side and choose extract to midi , choose the options you want like fixed velocity and convert
Then i just assign the midi track to GA5se to what ever drum i would like to replce it with .
There maybe other ways to do this but i find this way easy enough .

I have some old 90’s DDC tracks i wrote and the drums were from an SR16 , never did like them but when i tried to replace with Sl9 it just wasn’t capable of the task ,so im really ega to get the time to put SL 10 through it’s paces

If your goal is to extract MIDI data representing the drum performance rather than extracting the actual audio of the drums then you have a lot of leeway in how you can manipulate your original audio to achieve that goal. You can do stuff to the audio to make the MIDI detection easier even if it makes the audio sound like crap. For example, a few very narrow bandpass filters set right on the snare, kick, etc. Or play around with the Envelope Shaper to exaggerate the attacks.

Also Melodyne has a detection mode specifically for percussive sounds and last I knew, their trial version runs without any restrictions. So if you can do what you need in a month…

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I use to track sd3

SD3? Like in Superior Drummer 3.0?
yes, of course it is. I saw a video about that long time ago. Then stuff happened. But it was great. I need to find that again.

Yes superior drummer 3. It also has the most realistic sounding drums as well if that’s what you are after. Not cheap though but as a drummer it’s worth it for me. Maybe not worth it for a one off project though.

np. I already own it! :sunglasses:
it’s my go to tool for anything real percussion, and I also have GrooveAgent for other drums&percussion related, not necessarily realistic but heavily processed.

Ah well you already have a tool with sd3 to get midi from audio. I use it for drum replacement or enhancing

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I begin to suspect that my toolbox is larger than my mind … :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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