Drum Rhythm Cues

I am looking for a way to display slashes at the midline with a rhythmic figure above, in a different voice. In the drum staff the option to enter in a different voice (Shift + V) is not present, when I go back and move the carrot above the slashes I get the notes entered in the same layer and joined by the stem. I have got the slashes showing without a stem but cannot figure out how to add the rhythmic figure above (see attached image for example). I see that I can do this in another instrument’s staff, for example Piano, because the multi voice option is present in that instrument. Is there a workaround at least to achieve this outcome?

This is definitely in the realm of workarounds, but you could define a new instrument in the drum kit that sits on the top line of the staff and uses an up-pointing stem in a different voice. I have reproduced this for you in the attached project. I added two “anvil” instruments to the standard drum set: one is on the middle line, down-stem, and set to use the slash notehead by default; the other is sitting on the top space, set to use a new up-stem voice. Hope this helps illustrate how this can be done for now.
cues-drums.zip (193 KB)

Thank you Daniel, that’s very helpful. How did you hide the minim rest at the beginning of the bar in the top layer?

Ah yes, I selected those notes on the top space and chose Edit > Percussion > Change Voice > Extra Up-stem Voice. These “extra” voices won’t be padded with rests, unlike the regular voices.

I’m having the same problem and this “extra voice” workaround really helps, thank you. For kicks on odd times though (e.g. 3&), I’d prefer to show rests beginning on beat one of the corresponding measure, but not the rests in measures before. Does anybody know a workaround to achieve this?

I tried to input rests in another instrument, but they don’t show if there’s nothing behind them… thanks for your help!

OK, I found a workaround procedure to get my desired result. The idea behind it: Where no rests should be, there must be something in the same voice.

To achieve this:

  • Cues with rests before or after them must NOT be “extra up-stem voice” but just their normal voice (e.g. up-stem 2).
  • for bars just with slashes (slash noteheads, stem -2 7/16), just select the slashes and use Edit | Percussion | Set Voice to put them to the same voice as your cues (if you do this globally, you cannot have slashes and cues in the same bar anymore).
  • in bars with stemmed notes of another direction, you have to add a whole note somewhere where it does not disturb the rest of the layout, put it to the same voice as the cues and then hide it using the property color and opacity 0. If you want to hide quavers, you additionally have to hide the stem (adjustment -2 7/16).

Make sure that your stem and notehead opacity adjustments show up in all layouts you want them! I recommend building an example showing up correctly in all layouts first and then copying this as far as possible (this will copy properties for each layout with it).