Drum Roll (tremolo) endings


I’m in 4/4 with a whole note drum roll indicated by a three-slash tremolo.

I would like to show my drummer to end the roll on an eighth note in the following bar without a tremolo marking on it.

I would like to have that eighth note tied to the tremolo.

I have tried various combinations of deleting and adding ties (breaking tie chains) and can’t find something that works.

Is this possible to do? Thanks.

Sure, use force duration to keep Dorico from combining the note values, and use a slur, not a tie.

AHA! Thanks, gdball!

You can use a tie. Then in Engrave mode, select the eighth note and in the properties panel, toggle “single stem tremolo” property. I think it’s the “right way”

Thanks Marc!

…and in the toggle select “None”. This is perfect. Thank you so much, Marc