Drum Scoring Polyphony

Hi !
I’m quite new at using Cubase and the score editor.

I’m trying to setup drumset score with voices split between hands and feet. Right now, I have two polyphonic voices set to channels 1 and 2 and a drum map set up to put the notes on the right line.
From there I cannot find a way to move the notes from voice 1 to 2.

I’ve tried changing the individual note channel.
The “Move to Voice 2” option does nothing.
I don’t have a “voice” column in the drum map;
I cannot change the global channel in the drum map.

I hope someone has a better understanding of this stuff than I have.
Have a great day everyone !

(I use cubase 10 pro)


In the Score Settings > Staff > Polyphonic set the Staff Mode to Split and set the Split Point.