Drum set cues bug?

It’s wonderful finally being able to put cues directly into the drum set, but I’m wondering if there is a minor bug there.
Adding cues on an empty drum set staff works fine, but when adding them where there already is a slash region the show up on the middle line with an added clef.

I’ve found that, when adding cues into a rhythmic stave, Dorico activates the Rhythm cue property automatically, but not in every case. If you activate it in the Properties panel, does it show correctly?

Yes, activating the Rhytmic cue property makes the cue look right.
The fastest is of course adding the cues before the slashes, but it shouldn’t matter in which order you add things.
…maybe it is an intentional behavior with a very well thought intention behind that I’m not aware of

This isn’t intentional behaviour – thanks for reporting it. I’ll make sure it gets fixed.

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