Drum set Ghost notes in Dorico

Hi! I downloaded Dorico SE to make Drum set exercises for my students. Based on the videos I am seeing online Dorico has a ghost note function but I am not seeing it in Dorico SE where it would be in the Dorico videos. Does Dorico SE not have it all? If this is the case does Dorico Elements have all the drum set functions? I am fine with paying for elements but not interested in paying for Full Dorico since I only need it for one instrument. Any help would be appreciated.

If I recall correctly, ghost notes in Dorico 2 have become bracketed notes in Dorico 3. Look for brackets in the properties panel (bottom one) with your notes selected (beware, the properties panel is selection dependant so make sure you only select notes)

You can also bracket noteheads using Edit > Notehead > Toggle Round Brackets.

Thanks for the help!