drum set rhythmic slashes with stem playback question

I use rhythmic slashes with stems for the drum part to indicate some rhythmic actions, but I also need to have playback. For example I would like to input some kicks and crashes (for the actual playback) but use rhythmic slashes with stems for the notation instead. Is there a way to achieve that? Thanks.

You mean like this?

You can write your regular drum part on the kit as normal, then select the passage for which you want to show slashes only and add a slash region.

But the slash region won’t have rhythm information.

theoretical’s solution seems to kind of work, but it can only represent a single note. Multiple notes cannot be achieved that way.

Thanks anyway.

You want to show multiple notes on the kit at the same time with slashes instead of using regular noteheads? That can be done if that’s what you want to do. You can edit the noteheads in the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog so that the notehead produced for the ‘Natural’ playing technique for each of the kit instruments is a slash notehead.

Thanks Daniel. But that’s not what I want to achieve. I want to have a single slash with stem to indicate a rhythmic action (just like changing the voice to slash with stem), but underneath there could be multiple notes (for the sake of playback). Just to give an example, I want to have the kick-sn-crash playing together a hit underneath, but notated with just a single slash with stem. I hope I am clear.

So you want the actual notes that produce the sounds to be invisible and the slashed notes (on the center line) to show only the rhythm?

Or did you want the slashes to show the overall rhythm but also to have Kick and Cym visibly cued in addition?

(An image might help us see what you want to see along with the description of what you want to hear.)

I’d actually like to have your first option. Thanks.

I think basically he wants the music to look the way a drummer would want to read it, and playback to sound the way a drummer would play it. Not an altogether unreasonable request, but not really possible to achieve on one staff AFAIK. I usually prioritize notation and make the part look correct. If audio is needed for a mock up, I just add another part that plays back correctly without regard to notation, and hide it in the score.

If you could make a percussion kit use a slash voice rather than a “normal” voice I think this would be possible by specifying in Notation Options that everything on the kit should be notated in a single voice, but unfortunately because you can’t force a kit to draw using a slash voice, you can only get as close as overriding the noteheads for the notes shown, which will show as slashes, but with multiple slashes on the same stem, which I guess isn’t ideal.

I tried setting all instruments of a simplified drum set on the center line and converting the noteheads to stems and the stems down, but as Daniel says, there are double noteheads. Perhaps there is something I am not well enough versed in that can be done with column offsets, but I did not find it.
percussionTest.zip (526 KB)

Thank you. Your thoughts are exactly same as mine. And your solution was the one that I first thought of. I was just hoping for a more elegant way to do that. All the other player instruments can do that with a slashed voice. I hope someday it will be implemented on the drum set too.

Still, Dorico is an amazing piece of software engineering :exclamation:

I’m here looking for the same solution… I want to write out a full drum part and then just like any non-percussion instrument change the voice to rhythm slashes so that it shows the rhythm but not the full notation, but still plays back what I originally wrote… How it is now seems to make mixing slash regions and rhythmic notation while preserving midi data for playback impossible…

For a drum set, you should be able to write whatever music you want in the drum set staff, then “cover it up” with a slash region, and the original music that is hidden by the slash region will still play back.