Drum Sets: Wrong duration displayed

See attached project.
The selected note is supposed to be an eighth note. No matter in which voice I put it, it’s being displayed wrongly.
I am about to fill in my percussion soloists, and these kind of issue appeared over and over. In other situations I could renotate, but the issue is very annoying! Like this, percussion kits (in 5-line staff) are not really usable for me… Quite unfortunate, when notating a percussion concerto…

weird drums.dorico (723.6 KB)

If you want two sixteenths followed by an eighth note to fill the beat, then you
do not need the triplet sign over it.

(You probably know that.)

Yes. The eight (displayed as a quarter note) is actually not part of the triplet, but part of the straight 8th pattern from the beat after. it should be just displayed as an eights anyhow?

The only way I could get it to an eighth is to copy the 4 beamed eighths to the start of the measure with an Alt-click. Then delete the created first 3 notes.


I’m still a little confused about what your goal is. But what would need to be changed in this?:

Please look at the file. I don’t want the rhythm to change. If you look in a grid representation, there is nothing wrong with my rhythm.
But first and foremost: Dorico is showing the wrong note value right now, which should never happen.
In other cases I had quarter notes shown as whole notes.

I will try it later. Thanks!

That was your file I was looking at but I didn’t think about grid.

Your picture is my file without changing anything? For me it looks like the picture I posted!

Sorry - I was just trying to say that I did look at your file but that I didn’t look at the grid

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That worked! I double checked the Grids and there I noticed a triplet in the “Holzspiel”-Instrument, which wasn’t supposed to be there…
Deleting that also worked.
But in any case, Dorico was displaying the wrong note value: it showed a quarter note, while it was actually a eighth note (as seen in the first screenshot). This is extremely problematic!

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For future reference, if you force individual notes into other voices, then you can store up trouble for yourself when it comes to tuplets. Dorico ends up showing a “quarter note” for the note in the Holzspiel, but not really: it’s really a non-rotatable note of an irrational duration (because its duration is expressed in terms of a tuplet that isn’t shown in the percussion kit presentation) that happens to end up shown as a quarter note.

If you use Edit > Percussion > Change Voice > Reset Note Destination Voice, you’ll find that the Holzspiel note appears correctly.

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But if I add it to another voice, why is the tuplet not shown, leading to this notation? Should the tuplet not be duplicated in 5 line staff?

In any case, I had several of these issues. I‘ll come back to this thread if it happens again. I remember the issue appeared with them in the same voice to begin with.

When you move a percussion note into an “emergency” voice, only the note and not its containing tuplet will be moved.

For future reference working with tuplets and percussion: is there any way to force a tuplet to also be moved to the new voice, as it exists in grid view?

Not as far as I know, no.

Dear Daniel,

here’s another example, this time there’s no tuplet in the crash cymbal low, still it’s been displayed wrongly, I assume because of the tuplet above. (bar 2, beat 2. compare with the Layout “Drumgrids”)

This time, @Craig_F 's trick sadly doesn’t work either…

It’s really hard to predict this behavior. :frowning:

drums again.dorico.zip (850.6 KB)

(even changing the voice to the existing downstem voice 1 doesn’t work! Now that’s peculiar!)

@klafkid What if you defined them to be downstem in the Percussion Kit rather than using a new voice? Perhaps you could define two instruments of the same type, one upstem and one downstem for different scenarios.

yes, this works… thanks! the project is already quite bloated and every instrument I add just makes everything even slower. But I guess that’s what I would have to go through.

All in all, writing this concerto has proven to me the limits of percussion in Dorico. I love the concept, it’s amazing, but I wish the limitations were less… If charged with this task again, I don’t know if I would use a real percussion kit again.