Drum Sets: Wrong duration displayed

It’s the same underlying problem as before. Dorico thinks that the low crash cymbal note belongs in the same voice as the up-stem Stahlfeder (steel spring?), which does require a tuplet. When you force it to change voice, it doesn’t reconsider whether or not a tuplet is needed in the new voice, so the note’s duration is still expressed in terms of its tuplet-relative duration, and without a tuplet in the voice it ends up in, that duration doesn’t make sense, so it ends up un-notatable, and shown as a quarter note as a last resort.

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I see. So best is to follow @Craig_F 's advice and create a “real” separate voice for these kind of situations?

Yes, I don’t think you really have any alternative at the moment.

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Came to this thread from:

The accepted solution above doesn’t seem to solve my problem. A couple of workarounds were suggested in the original thread, none of which are perfect.

Wondering if this bug is something that can be fixed?

It’s not a bug, but rather a limitation. Of course given sufficient time and attention it is something that we can overcome, but realistically that isn’t going to happen imminently, so you should find another approach. A second instrument in the kit in a separate voice with the other direction might be the best option.

Hi Daniel,

Understood that there won’t be an imminent fix. For me, the only reasonably usable solution in this scenario (given that many instruments could be used in these triplet fills) is to use a different high hat articulation (which I can force to play back as the intended pedal chick) in an upwards voice.

While I hate to quibble about what’s a bug vs. what isn’t, this situation results in incorrect notation when using documented functionality in its intended use-case. That feels like a bug to me. I guess this only matters if the prioritization of a fix depends on this distinction; if it doesn’t, please disregard.