Drum sounds not sounding as they should

Hi there, I’m completely new to Dorico and have no clue what I am doing! I’m having an issue by where I select an untuned percussion instrument but it just plays as a clicking sound instead of what you might expect it to sound like. I’m using the iPad version.
For example, I’ve just selected and African drum and it’s just making this clicking sound instead of the sound of the djembe. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ty

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Hi. You highly depend on the sounds you possess. And I know (almost) nothing about the sounds provided with Dorico for iPad, but I doubt there’s such thing as an African drum… On Dorico for desktop, there are libraries included with the different tiers, the more you pay, the bigger the library, but I would not hold my breath on the quality of these. But you can add whatever you want, and there are plenty out there of great quality. You’d need to create percussion maps in order to use them smoothly with Dorico. But again, I digress, since you’re on Dorico for iPad, I suggest you explore the provided samples or cope with clicks… Or invest some money on third-party sounds…

Thanks for your reply. As I said, I’m a complete newbie to all of this. I don’t mind buying sounds but I wouldn’t even know where to start with that either! Would I purchase instrument packs from the Dorico website. Maybe I should invest in Dorico elements and try on my laptop instead lol

If you want to try it out on your desktop I suggest you use the 30-day trial of Dorico pro. You can access both SE and Elements versions when you have Pro (which is not true the other way round)
Steinberg doesn’t sell sounds for Dorico for iPad AFAIK. I bought a very good piano though, at a reasonable price. And I stick to it!


At the moment, there aren’t any African drum sounds available for Dorico for iPad. Even the desktop version of Dorico has limited African drum sounds, but it’s easier to integrate third party sounds on the desktop version.

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Thank you! It’s not just the Djembes that’s making this clicking sound, it’s a lot of the instruments that are in the untuned percussion list that do it. I will look up a tutorial on integrating sounds, I have so much to learn lol I got myself Dorico elements sorted, the sounds seem to work fine on there, just not on the iPad which is a shame (as they are all listed to chose from).
I’ve started a distance learning music degree so I need to get my head around how it all works :smile: