Drum Sounds


I tried around with drum notation and sounds with no results

I want to have only the sounds from Bass Drum - Snare - Hi-hat colso / Open
I’m using Note performer.

Thank’s for helping me

Hi patha!

I don’t know if you speak french and if you’ve joined the french speaking group on FB but I happened to have translated a great explanation Daniel gave in the forum about setting up the drums in Dorico…

I speak french and english. But I have no FB

Where can I find this explanations

Best wishes


I’m sorry, I could not find Daniel’s original article. But I know this is going to be useful, such a detailed explanation !


Merci beaucoup Marc

The original English version is here.

Thanks for posting this again. Having put it off for far too long, I’ve finally I’ve been working with Percussion /Drum Maps for the past couple of days. I’ve set myself the target of a putting together a fairly difficult Drum Map (91 defined sounds) and am slowly getting there. The biggest difficulty I’ve come across is the extent to which Percussion Articulations / Sounds need to have techniques defined for them. Example: L/R Alternating halfway from centre (that was a snare drum). I’m also running up against instruments that aren’t yet defined in Dorico (specfically Sandpaper and Sticks)

One thing that I think makes it more difficult is the extent to which this process straddles different modes. I’ve currently got three Dorico windows open on one monitor 1) Setup - for Edit Percussion Kit 2) Write - for Edit Playing Techniques and 3) Play Mode - for Percussion Map. My second monitor has the manual for the Percussion VST. I’m working this way because I want to check that I’m doing it right as I go along and having the windows open means I’ve got quicker access to the Edit windows. If the windows could somehow be brought together into one unit - or, failing that, maybe have the facility to trigger the Edit window you want from inside a different Edit window - that would help enormously. Also, it would be useful to test that you have the sound you want from inside these windows and not have to go back to Play or Write to test it. Apologies if that’s been asked for before.