Drum Stickings with Lyrics tool in Dorico Elements

So I created this little paradiddle exercise for my students in Dorico Elements.
The first line is to be played on a snare drum, the second line on a drum set.
The same sticking applies to both exercises, on the repeat the sticking is reversed.
I inserted the sticking using the Lyrics tool. Since the same sticking applies to both exercises, I wanted to insert it only for the first line. So the sticking is between both lines.
But now it looks like the first line of the sticking is for the first line and the second line belongs to the lower drum set part.
Is there any way to show a 1st) and 2nd) to each line to make it clear that the second line is for repetition of the exercise?
I hope I made myself clear, English is not my first language.

01 - Full score - PARADIDDLES.pdf (36.4 KB)

Would Engraving Options>Lyrics> Verse number help?

It would indeed. But unfortunately this option doesn’t exist in Dorico Elements (or I’m too stupid to find it).

Apologies. I forgot! In which case would putting your 2nd lyric line into the lyric chorus (which would make it italic) be an option to differentiate them?

Thanks, but not really.
I’d rather have them in the same layout and put a 1) and 2) in front.
That should be possible, I hope.
Even with Dorico Elements (since it is elementary!).

I’m not sure, if the Properties Panel exists in Dorico Elements. If it does: With the first syllable selected I can choose “Show verse numbers” in Propoerties Panel.

If you don’t have this option: Use a non-breaking space (SHIFT-ALT-SPACE an Mac) in “1) R”.

Slice 1

Elements 4 does indeed have verse numbers and the properties panel.


Thank you very much. I would never figured that out by myself.

In case it’s helpful, here’s the link to the relevant page in the Dorico Elements 4 (English) manual.