Drum Tool Available in Key Editor

I’d like to see the Drum Tool Available in the Key Editor. So I click a note it places it based on Quantize setting. One click places a note one click deletes a note. I’d also like the drum tool when used in the key editor to be able to edit the note length without switching tools. I would also like the drum tool to be able to edit velocity and controler data when hovering in that controller are of the key editor.

Or Add a special draw tool that operates that way. So you can use the old draw tool but in a down arrow drop down you can choose special draw tool that operates as above, one click inserts note can adjust length if at edge of note, one click deletes note.

Presonus studio ones draw tool works well as an example.

I think the important part is to Add not change so that those wanting to use the older method can continue to do so and all you are adding is a “special” tool which will allow for faster experimenting with note placement and easier pinao roll drum editing that utilizes visual note length. Similar to the editor in groove agent 4 that can display note length add that tool to the key editor and you have a winner.

I’d say if you add the drum tool with note length adjustment available to the key editor you wont be hurting the people who are used to the older method and oyu’ll be making the cubase key editor much more experiment friendly.

Piano roll is important and tool switching really is the old method, multi tools and modifiers is more efficient you will know this if you have used other piano rolls in other DAWS.

While the Draw Tool doesn’t delete a note when clicking on an existing note, it does let you change the length of the note like you want without changing tools. Also when clicking on an existing note it does select the note which is pretty useful, for me more so than simply deleting it because once selected I can do lots of things with it via Key Commands and mouse - changing pitch & length, editing in the Info Line, processing with the Logical Editor, selecting the next or preceding note, and even deleting it.

Not sure what you are asking for in editing velocity/controller data that is different from the current behavior. If you use the Draw Tool in a Controller Lane it does edit the data there.

For certain type of production being able to place a note and then either right click delete or one more click delete allows for very fast experimentation of note placement making it easier to come up with complex arp pattern etc. Or any pattern without playing in first.

See Logic, Abelton, Studio One, FL Studio

I am familiar with what you are saying, and understand your workflow, yet why would you not like an extra tool that does this? My only conclusion would be that

a) you have not used another sequencer that allows this type of one click behavior (allows for faster experimentation)

b) Your workflow does not need this (you play in first then edit or some other reason)

Also, I never said to replace the function of the draw tool only to expand it to a possible special draw tool that allows for this behavior.

It helps when programming any type of part where you want to quickly add delete notes to see what you can come up with.

Again I’m not saying alienate current users with a replacement, I am saying to Add at least one special tool or to utilize a drum tool with this behavior in the key editor. This way you wont loose current users and you will bring in ones who require this type of workflow…

Hmmm, you seem to be reading something into my post that isn’t actually there. I don’t think I said this shouldn’t be done. I did say:

  1. Unless I misunderstood your request, most of the functions you wanted added are already there (resizing, editing controller data).
  2. Why I personally find selection more useful and flexible than deletion. You don’t - that’s cool.

As a work around to get a delete function, if your mouse supports it, assign a button to the DEL key. I got a gaming mouse awhile back just to get a bunch of extra buttons to assign to key commands - very useful.

FYI, I do hand enter almost all my midi data and am frequently resizing, deleting and moving notes around all very quickly - a significant portion of that using the keyboard and not the mouse. Again, you apparently don’t - again, that’s cool. However when you make assumptions about others, there is a good chance you’ll be mistaken.

The gaming mouse idea is a good one. Still I’d like to see this tool available in the key editor.

1 click= enter note
Click again = delete
Right click and drag = select range
Move cursor to end of note = change note length
hold alt = arrow/select tool

or something along those lines…

I could move much faster that way.