Drum track dynamics

Hi there - I generally use Cubase for orchestral writing, but have recently started experimenting with a drum track; I’m using “Dry Standard Kit” from the Halion Sonic SE Artist library. The problem is I can create and play back the track, but seem to have no way to control dynamics - changing volume, expression, modulation or velocity have no impact whatsoever. The only dynamic control I have is set the volume level in Halion Sonic at the outset, which is obviously too limiting. I’m sure I’m missing something fundamental, anybody got any insights to share?


I would recommend using Groove Agent SE for drums.

This kit doesn’t have a whole lot of dynamic when controlled via velocity, but it does respond to it. It should also be responding to CC7 Volume and CC11 Expression. If you’re using a hardware controller, please use MIDI Monitor as a MIDI Insert in Cubase to verify that these controller messages are being received correctly.

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Thanks you’re right, Groove Agent does respond to velocity but not the other controllers as far as I can see. I’m editing the controller lanes directly in Cubase so they should work