Drum track for playback?

I’ve got my score entered, ready to send out to the band. I’ll include an mp3 that they can practice with. Is there any way to include a drum track? I’ve got Cubase, so I could generate it with Groove Agent, but I’m not sure how to bring it into Dorico. Or, do I need to export all the midi from Dorico, bring it into Cubase and add the drums there?

This seems like. Perfect example of what Dorico / Cubase integration could do, but it doesn’t seem to be there (yet?).

Sorry for the long delay in replying to this thread. At the moment, Dorico doesn’t provide tempo or bar/beat position information to the audio engine, which means that plug-ins like Groove Agent and EZDrummer can’t play their patterns. We are planning to support this in a future version.

You probably already decided long ago how to address this requirement, but if you want to use one of those pattern-based plug-ins, for the time being you do indeed need to use Cubase.

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