Drum Track Notes are white and don't play

I’m trying to add some notes using the “Drum Editor” but they turn white and don’t play. Previously I had added notes to measures 1 thru 5 and they play just fine. Now I’m trying to add notes to measure 6 and beyond and they make the sound of the drum when I add them, but they don’t play. In fact in the actual drum track they don’t even show up :frowning: However, if I add them to the previous measures they do show up and play. So, I must be doing something wrong, but I don’t know what. I am, as you can guess, a complete novice at this. Thanks in advance for anybody’s help.
Doug :slight_smile:

Maybe something is muted or you’re trying to add notes beyond the part boundaries?
Could you post a screenshot?


From the way it’s phrased I’d say 99% it’s out of part boundaries.


In Cubase, MIDI events (notes you write) must belong and fit withing the MIDI part (the rectangle in the project window).

What you are doing is this:

Essentially, you are putting events outside the part’s boundaries. Now, if you resized the original part…

You would see that those events now play, because they are within the borders of the part.

Here it is in action. Notice how resizing the part above is essentially moving around the part borders below.


Thank you mlindeb,
That was the problem. I didn’t realize there was such a thing as “parts” in this DAW. It also seems that you can’t take what I had just added and create a part out of that section. Fortunately, the drum part I was creating was very simple, so recreating it in a new part window was easy to do.

Doug :slight_smile:

Please watch @ggmanestraki 's most helpful video above. It shows you how to enlarge the part to fit any events (such as MIDI Notes) that exists outside of its current boundaries. No need to redo anything.