Drum Visibility Agents turns off

I’m having an issue with the Drum Visibility Agents in the drum editor. I work on some drum parts and the Drum Visibility switch is off… so I turn it on. Then I go work on other parts, come back to the drum editor and it’s off again. I recall it being orange when it’s on but now it’s white. What am I missing?
Also, it would be nice to freeze the layout of the drum edit screen so drum sounds never scroll accidentally out of view… like rolling to mouse wheel… Anybody else like that idea?


Do you mean the Pitch Visibility On/Off, please?

Could you try in the Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

I started in Safe Mode. Not sure if it changed anything - it seemed to be intermittent.
Martin, I still don’t understand why we can’t look at a particular setting that would affect something like this. I’ve combed the preferences file I use (I reloaded it) and don’t see anything even remotely associated with the issue. Whenever I have an issue and disable preferences, I put back the Saffire ASIO and the preference file - nothing else. Does ‘Disable Preferences’ change something else that I don’t have access to?


Disable Preferences means, Cubase starts with the factory settings (this only start). The next start is back with your previous preferences. If the Disable Preferences works, you can Delete the preferences from the Safe Start Dialog, so Cubase starts with the factory settings and doesn’t use your original corrupted preferences anymore.