Drum vst - suggestions


I’m a hobby recorder, mostly rock with a slight sixties touch to it. Recently I’ve started to use drum VSTs (free versions). I find that with a bit of tinkering they sort of cut the cheese. This has made me curious enough to invest some $$ to get a full blown VST drum plug. Is there anyone here with suggestions?



First of all, try as many plugins as you can before buying.

XLN Audio’s Addictive Drums 2 could be worth a try.
They have a “à la carte” system, so if you buy their “Custom” version for instance, you’d get to pick 3 drums sets. I’d recommend one of the Fairfax sets at least plus other “rock” sets. You can always add other sets to your collection later, but it’s better to wait for a sale though.

Here’s a short list of drum plugins that could interest you (quite old, but still helpful) :

I hope you’ll find a plugin to your liking!

Toontrack EZdrummer 2 would be worth a look for your needs, I believe. Tons of EZX “add-on” packs and enough MIDI packs to make you sick. I’m mainly a Superior Drummer user, but I actually prefer EZdrummer when using my Roland V-Drum kit for the simplicity of it’s user interface.

I got the Ezdrummer, suits my needs.

thanks for the input!